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Follow Up Visits

We encourage your second visit to be within two or three days of your first visit. This will help to assess any immediate changes and any initial response to the adjustment. In addition, based on our findings and your goals, recommendations for an appropriate care plan will be given to you.

After the investment of time needed on the first and second visits, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length.

Avoid relapse with regular visits

Avoid relapse with regular visits

A typical office visit may require just 10-15 minutes. But don’t think the brevity of a regular visit reduces its value! The power of the adjustments will be revealed to you(in addition to the beauty of how “efficient” and simple the adjustments can be).

Like a regular workout at a gym, each visit builds on the ones before. We recognize your time is valuable. So, we do everything possible to run on time and minimize your wait.

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